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It is the corporate policy of Uni Hall Limited to respect and safeguard the privacy of an individual’s personal data. Uni Hall Limited will keep all data confidential but it may use, keep and/or provide any of such information to

(a) relevant management company, university, regulatory body for the processing of application, daily administration of Uni Hall and/or administration of the licence;

(b) any government authorities, agent, contractor or third party service provider who provides administrative, telecommunications, computer, network,payment or other services in connection with the enforcement of the licence and/or operation of its business;

and may maintain such data in its internal records for the promotion and/or provision of future services.

Provision of such personal data is not mandatory but the failure to provide such data may cause delay in your application or render your application unsuccessful.

You may request for a copy of your personal data and/or correction thereof should you find such data being incorrect. You may also request to delete your personal data from our database if application is unsuccessful, or after expiry or earlier termination of the licence after full settlement of all outstanding claims and payments has been made. Request for copy or correction of personal data shall be addressed to Uni Hall Limited via email

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