Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations
(forming a part of the Licence Agreement)


  1. Transferring or any unauthorized sharing of the residence to or with any person are absolutely prohibited.
  2. Visiting hour is from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. The guest must be accompanied by the host resident who must also be in Uni Hall at the time. Visitors must register at the lobby when they enter and leave Uni Hall. All guests must leave Uni Hall before 11:00 p.m. on the same day.
  3. Uni Hall Limited reserves the rights in assigning flat, room and bed when necessary.
  4. In addition to these Rules and Regulations, residents must abide and must ensure that his/her visitors and guests abide by such instructions given by the Property Management Company from time to time for the proper or better management or maintenance of Uni Hall.
  5. Uni Hall Limited reserves its rights to permit or reject anybody to use or enter into Uni Hall.
  6. Uni Hall Limited’s interpretation of the Rules and Regulations will be final and such Rules and Regulations may change from time to time at Uni Hall Limited’s discretion. Please refer to the most updated version.

Users shall and shall ensure their visitors and guests to:

  1. dress properly within Uni Hall. A minimum T-shirt and shorts is recommended;
  2. maintain personal, the flat and Uni Hall’s cleanliness and hygiene at all times;
  3. clean up after cooking and keep the kitchen clean at all times;
  4. safeguard his/her personal belongings. Uni Hall Limited assumes no responsibility for any loss of or damage to any personal belongings;
  5. switch off and disconnect all lights, air-conditioners, electrical appliances such as cooking facilities, chargers and boilers whenever he/she leaves the room and the flat and economize on electricity and water at all times;
  6. be responsible for all the keys assigned for their use and shall not duplicate the keys and lend them to any person. A charge will be levied for any lost key;
  7. be fully responsible for the behaviour and conduct of all his/her visitors and guests;
  8. keep the flat and all contents therein in clean and proper conditions and take all precautions to protect all parts of the flat against damage by storm or typhoon or the like.

Users shall NOT (and shall ensure their visitors and guests NOT to):

  1. gamble or play mah-jong;
  2. smoke;
  3. drink alcoholic beverages;
  4. create noise and play rowdy games between 23:00 and 09:00;
  5. exchange or swap rooms/flats without prior approval;
  6. bully other users by any undue means;
  7. create or cause any nuisance;
  8. allow others to use its entrance card or key to Uni Hall or the flat;
  9. remove, damage or interfere with any facilities, furniture, fittings, fixtures and fabrics in the flat or installed for common use, nor affix anything or paint or make any alteration and addition whatsoever inside the flat or to the exterior of the flat;
  10. stick or adhere anything on the walls, windows or any furniture, fixtures or equipments;
  11. put up hooks or stickers on or drive nails into any walls;
  12. alter the existing locks or install additional locks or bolts to any door;
  13. hang clothes at or outside windows or in the common area;
  14. bring into the flat or Uni Hall:
    • any unlawful goods;
    • any dangerous drugs as defined in Section 2 of the Dangerous Drugs Ordinance (Cap. 134);
    • fireworks, firearms, ammunition, explosives or weapons of any forms;
    • combustible materials (e.g., burning of candles, incense) of any forms;
    • dangerous hazardous or prohibited goods within the meaning of the Dangerous Good Ordinance (Cap 295);
    • hazardous chemicals or flammable liquids; and
      Pets or animals;
  15. cause any type of ignition giving rise to a naked flame;
  16. commit any criminal offence or otherwise carry out any illegal activity;
  17. place anything or rubbish in or otherwise obstruct the corridor, stairway, lobby, fire exits or any part of the common area of Uni Hall;
  18. alter or disrupt any fire alarms or other firefighting equipment;
  19. cause any damage to any common facilities;
  20. put up any signboard, signage, or advertising materials or hang articles outside the windows;
  21. engage in any promotional activities or propaganda;
  22. undergo or participate any religious ceremony or activities within Uni Hall.